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Quick Ways to Win Back Lost Customers

strategies to win back lost customers

Familiarity with different types of business models is a great advantage for you because when you constantly talk about the benefits of your product and repeatedly ask the customer to finalize the purchase, the customer will be confused. So you give the customer the explanation you think he needs to know and then let him think. By insisting, you may be able to sell something to your customer at that moment, but he will not return to your shop.

When you give your customer a chance to think, he may come to the conclusion that he does not need your product and will not buy it, but it will come back to you in the future. Remember that returning a customer is more important than selling to them.

How to Increase Sales In Stores

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers

If you think your sales are down, take the opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of a customer and enter your store. See what is in your work environment that repels the customer. If you notice any severe obstacle, try to overcome it.

Sometimes it is better to even go in front of a mirror and see how you are a salesman in the eyes of customers. If you are inherently frustrated, you should look at ways to attract more customers to sell more in less time, and try to find a more open face.

Be handsome and well-mannered

Messy and bad-tempered salespeople are the biggest obstacle to their sales. So if you want to increase sales, you need to be able to reach out more and smile more. In the face of awkward salespeople, good-natured and well-mannered salespeople can be the biggest reason to increase their sales.

Ways To Increase Pharmacy Sales

The pharmacy is also a store that sells first-class drugs and health supplies exclusively. So the methods we mentioned earlier about increasing the sales of stores and shops can also be applied to pharmacies.

But because the number of pharmacies in the cities is increasing day by day and there is a fierce competition between them, we preferred to provide you with ways to increase the sales of pharmacies separately. Here are three key pointers in moving your pharmacy forward:

Offer to buy

When a customer comes to your pharmacy, after they have made their purchase and asked to settle, give them a purchase offer tailored to their purchases. For example, if you buy sunscreen, offer to buy a day and night cream.

Remember to do this at the time of settlement and only have one sale offer, not a few. This method is very effective in increasing the sales of pharmacies.

Take Local Advertising Seriously

Usually the main reason people buy from a pharmacy is because it is close to where they live. So you can promote yourself by printing tracts and brochures and distributing them in the area where your pharmacy is located. Of course, the first factor in attracting customers to sell more and increase sales lies in the behavior of a pharmacy staff.

Pharmacy staff are usually rude and cold for strange and unknown reasons. If you can teach your pharmacy staff to be more comfortable with customers, you can expect a lot of people to come back to your pharmacy by distributing tracts.

Sell ​​quality products

Never use low quality products to attract customers to the online store. By offering such products, you may have a temporary increase in sales, but after many customers hear about your poor quality product, then it is time to reduce sales and customer shortages.

Any of the businesses we’ve explored ways to increase their sales can grow their business by making some of their sales online. Today, it is essential that all traditional businesses enter the Internet, especially social media. In the following, we will review online sales strategies and share 5 great ways to increase online sales with you.

Of course, the site will be your first online support for your virtual sales. So it is better not to be active in social media and be sure to have a standalone site to sell your online products. Then you can increase your virtual sales and increase site sales by using methods to increase online sales such as the following five methods:

Provide Online Text And Video Tutorials To Internet Customers

 The strategies for selling online , education is one of the best ways to attract and satisfy loyal and potential customers and increase sales of your online. Using online tools can allow you to give your customers the necessary training to use your products, thereby increasing site sales.

Holding Online Competitions On Social Networks

If you succeed in gaining a lot of fans by being active on social media, you can help increase your online sales by holding contests and lotteries . In online sales, you need to be present on all online platforms as much as you can, and by working on more social networks and linking to the headquarters of your site, you can find other customers. Remember, the more you are seen, the more trustworthy you are.

Put Videos And Audio Of Your Satisfied Customers On Your Site

By uploading a video or audio file to your customers’ satisfaction, you can gain the trust of people who visit your site. Many people visit your site every day and do not make any purchases, but this will increase the site sales and increase the conversion rate of users to customers.

Provide Online Advice And Support To Your Customers

By providing advice and support to your customers, you declare that you are always available to them. By doing this, site visitors know that in case of any problem, they can easily contact you and get advice from you; So they become your customers and increase your online sales.

In online sales, you have access to a much wider target community, and your customers are not limited to a specific region or city. We suggest that you activate your online channels as soon as possible so that you can also use this great feature of the current era to sell more of your products and services.

After creating the right internet platform, you can learn the right methods of advertising, SEO and the correct use of hashtags on social networks. By doing this, you can brand in cyberspace and increase your sales to a level that is not comparable to the sales of a store or shop.

Ways To Increase Sales In Telegram

Telegram is a popular social media among Iranian users, which remains popular even after filtering. have reached to buy social traffic from networks media in the media selection. Telegram is also one of the social networks in which you can be more present to your potential customers. In order to be able to sell more through Telegram, you need to know the best way to make money from Telegram, here are five:

·       Ways To Increase Sales In Virtual Networks

Create a channel instead of a group

Telegram groups cause congestion due to high user chats and cause the content we want to lose to the main customers. So creating a telegram channel is better than creating a group.

·       Extensive advertising

One of the ways to sell goods is the famous and popular Telegram channels that you can count on to increase the members of your business channel to advertise for you. You can set aside an amount for Telegram ads every week or every month.

·       Connect the channel to the site

It is better to put links to your site and other social media in your channel. By doing this, you can give more space to customers so that they can view your products and use the tutorials.

·       Ability to communicate with customers

In order for channel members to be able to communicate with you, it is best to include your ID in your bio-channel. When a customer comes to your ID, respond to them as soon as possible.

·       Get feedback from customers

Customer feedback can be your best guide to improving your business. This is easily possible in Telegram; All you have to do is refer to the customer ID after the product is delivered and ask him about your product. Then you can be aware of the problems of your work and product and fix them and improve your sales methods.

·       Final point

Each of the sales increase tricks mentioned in this article can be effective in increasing your sales. However, there are many more points that can be included in the amount of physical or online sales. If you do not get the desired result by following the strategies for selling more in less time, you can use specialized sales training courses and neural marketing.

Remember, in order to increase your sales, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Sometimes you even have to work on your personal growth in order to sell well. You should not expect your sales to increase automatically without making any changes. Trying is always the best option to get better results. So keep trying each of the sales promotion tips presented here so that you can finally achieve your ideal sales result.

·       Techniques to increase sales through Instagram

Your Account Or Business Account ( Business ) Convert

 Business Accounts on Instagram The first thing it does for your business is make it possible for you to add ways to connect with customers, and you can enter the store’s website address, workplace contact number and email related to your business. Add to your Instagram page.

Another advantage of using Instagram to increase sales is that it allows you to see which posts your customers welcome and like. Instagram allows business owners to help their business grow with a little marketing.

After completing the first step and creating a business account to increase your sales , explain in full and in simple language in your Instagram biography what your business is. By doing this, you will help your page audience to notice your business as soon as they enter your page.

Put simple ways to shop from your page

It may happen to many people that they decide to buy a device from an Instagram page, but they stop buying it due to late response and not mentioning how to order the product and pay; As a result, to increase your online sales, you should consider easy ways to buy for your customers and explain the price and how to order under all your posts, or put the ways of ordering and contacting support as Instagram highlight stories on your page, and In this way, you will see an increase in your Instagram sales.

Have a content calendar and make specific appointments with your customers

Having a content plan and strategy is one of the fundamental steps to increase sales. That is, share specific content at any given time. How to schedule a content calendar depends entirely on your business.

You need to set specific times for publishing your content and pre-set things like hashtags, business addresses, captions and locations for each post. This will greatly increase your online sales through Instagram.

  • Photos are Instagram attractions. Use high quality photos

Given that the main axis of the Instagram space is photos, the first step to attract the audience is to put quality photos. Be sure to include appropriate captions with the image. Placing beautiful, high-quality photos will help you keep those who are not even your customers on your page. That is, those who may become your customer in the future.

  • Always be available and ready to respond

Instagram is one of the ways to sell more online that you are always available and responsive. This is effective in building trust in the audience and will help increase sales. Another way to increase sales through Instagram is to never delete negative comments from your audience.

  • Encourage your audience to buy by placing occasional discounts

Many people on your page are waiting for an excuse or opportunity to buy from you. Placing occasional discounts can be effective in buying these audiences from your page. It will also have a direct impact on your sales.

  • Be honest in introducing your product or service

You should not exaggerate in introducing your brand or products. This may seem like a mistake, because exaggeration in many cases leads to audience attraction, but certainly today’s intelligent audience will soon realize the difference between right and wrong; As a result, do not play a role and show yourself as you are and be honest when introducing your product or service, because this will be very helpful in increasing sales in the long run.

  • Use ads to get more clicks

In the latest techniques to increase online sales, the use of this method is recommended, Because search engines like Google rank high for websites with a high number of clicks. Use the Ad Extensions plugin to place ads on your website.

  • Use special and instant offers on your website

In the method of increasing online sales, these special offers are called emergency offers. Special offers should be on the front page of the website and should be completely clear and legible. When making these offers, mention that this opportunity will soon expire to persuade your audience to buy more. Another way to use this option is that stores and online sites announce a limited opportunity to buy a product.

  • Use discounts to increase sales

Put a money back guarantee on your website if you are not satisfied with the product

One of the principles of marketing is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Online shopping customers always think that if they buy a product and it is not healthy, there is no way to return that product.

What is the task at this time? When you put a refund option in your online store, you will undoubtedly make these customers buy from you safely. You can do this with a 7-day warranty on your products so that customers can buy from you safely.

  • Reduce the number of similar products

It may be a good idea to include a wide range of a product in some cases, but in most cases placing a wide range of a product will cause you to hesitate in choosing a product, and ultimately this may reduce your sales. As much as possible, do not put a wide range of a product in your online store so that it is not difficult for your customers to find the product they want, and your customer will not be confused in their purchase.

  • Simplify the ordering and payment process as much as possible

One way to sell more online is to simplify the ordering and payment process for your audience. There are significant statistics that show that 63% of customers of online stores have left their shopping cart when paying. Most customers do this because of the complexity of ordering and the low speed. As a result, if you want to increase sales, you need to make ordering and payment as easy as possible. To do this, you can put an instructional video on how to order the product on your website and help your customers with the purchase.

  • Increase payment options as much as possible

Another technique for increasing online sales is to create a variety of payment options. It is true that most online stores offer credit card payments, but there are still many who are willing to pay when they receive the product and on the spot. As a result, try to place any payment possible in your online store. This will definitely increase your sales.

  • Include quality images to introduce your products

The images you post for your online store products will directly help connect the audience and the product and increase sales. As a result, the use of professional and quality images is a kind of investment; So even if the photos of your product are available on the Internet, still try to provide custom images for your store. Definitely, using this trick is one of the effective ways to increase online sales. Now that we know how to increase online sales, here are some ways to increase your phone sales.

·       Ways to increase telephone sales

Do not insist on selling to the customer but use polite and psychological pressure. Say, for example, “Your product and the discount you are considering for it are amazing and unique, and the golden time for your audience to buy this product is only today.” This stress is one of the most common ways to increase product sales over the phone.

Summarize Quickly So That Customers In A Hurry Do Not Get Stressed.

Put the audience into action; For example, when the audience asks what the price of a product is, quickly explain the possible ways to pay and thus put the audience in action.

At the end of the conversation, ask your audience a final question, such as “Do you have no questions?” “What do you think?” The problem with most telemarketers is that they do not find the right question to end the conversation.

Finally, using the positive points at the beginning and end of the conversation, i.e. using the sandwich technique, will be very effective in increasing sales.

  • Never make your Instagram work page private

Do not make your work page private in order to increase sales through Instagram. Another technique to increase sales on Instagram is to use the most popular hashtags on Instagram; Because the use of hashtags causes searchers to find you on Instagram, this means introducing your product or service to people you do not know or have not even heard of your brand name.

If the question of how to increase online sales also arises in your mind, we must say that the first main goal of any new or old online store is to have high sales. Follow us in the continuation of the article to get acquainted with strategies for selling more online.

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